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Lyly Nails Review

Get the latest nail art designs with Lyly Nails and more.

The Nail Design Ideas You’ll Absolutely Love (keywords: nails, nail designs, nail art ideas)


5 Tips To Make Your Nails Look Amazing (keywords: tips for nails, nail design ideas)

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Nail Designs to Make Your Friends Jealous

keywords: new nail design, summer nails

Summer is here, and it’s high time for a new nail design! From bright colors to simple patterns, here are some nail designs for summer that will help you look amazing.

1. Your nails in the color of your choice- Take a look at the rainbow of colors from Pantone’s 2019 colors of the year and choose one that you love! You can also follow these tips to find your perfect summer hue so you don’t end up with a color you’ll grow sick of in a couple days.

2. Stripes- There are so many ways to make this classic nail design fun, easy and cool! For something even more minimalist than stripes on your nails, try two different nude or light shades on each nail instead. Or go outside the lines with white stripes or geometric lines.

3. Glitter nails- This summery accent looks great with pastels and bright colors alike. Here are three glittery designs that will give any manicure an instant

100+ Beautiful Nail Designs You Can Copy Right Now

keywords: 100 beautiful nail designs, 100 easy nail designs

The post will list a variety of nail designs for you to pick from. The designs are categorized into easy and difficult and so on.

It’s no secret that nail art has become a huge trend in the fashion industry. Celebrities, models, bloggers, and influencers have all been sharing their nail art on Instagram lately. With so many different ideas for nail art available online, we’ve decided to compile some of our favorites into an easy-to-browse post.

Easy Nail Designs:

1) Tips with red or white paint

2) Tip with neon yellow polish

3) Plain color tips with glittery top coat finish

4) Spotted design on nails with black polish (easy gradient effect)

5) White tips with maroon/pink polish (sparkling shiny finish)

6) Clear base coat followed by 3 layers of color (red stripes), gold glitter polish and black tip design at the end

Effective Home Remedies for Dry & Brittle Fingernails

keywords: dry and brittle fingernails treatment, home remedies for cracked nails

Dry and brittle nails can be a result of various factors such as illness, poor diet, lifestyle, genetics and more.

The first step in the treatment is to identify the cause. One way to identify the cause is by assessing your nail condition. Brittle nails change their texture over time, they become thin and break easily. They also have an irregular shape with ridges or depressions in them. Dry nails are brittle as well but don’t have any depressions or ridges in them.

The next step is to treat the dryness of your nails with rich moisturizing oils after every shower or bath you take. The oils help leave a protective coating on your fingernails and cuticles that will protect them from getting dry again very quickly after they have just been moisturized.

In order for your nail treatment to be successful you need to keep up this regimen for at least two weeks before you see any improvements in your nail health which means following all

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