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Lyly Nails Review

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Top 5 Happy Nail Trends of 2018


Nails are the new face of fashion, but also a fun way to express yourself

Nail art is a fun way to express yourself and a new trend in fashion. It’s also an important part of your health and beauty routine.

Nails are the new face of fashion, but also a fun way to express yourself. They can be used as an alternative for makeup or jewelry, giving you something to do with your hands that is different from typical manicures.

Nails are not just for the hands; they can be used on other parts of the body too, like feet or toes. They can also be painted on furniture or other items that you want to change up in your home.

Why You Should be Wearing Your Nails in 2018

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Nail trends are becoming more popular in 2018. With nail art, color and design combinations, nails have never been more personalized.

Nail trends are fascinating because they show how much the world is evolving. From the 1970s when nails were a basic black and white to now, with nail art and designs that are intricate and unique.

The world of nails has always been changing, but it has changed very quickly in the past few years. The decrease in price for manicures, new techniques of nail styling and nail art have all contributed to making this trend popular among millennials.

The Right Nail Polish Trend for Every Personality

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The right nail polish can be the perfect way of expressing your personality. And there’s a right shade for every personality. So, if you’re unsure which shade is best for you, the following guide will help you choose the perfect color.

The first step to choosing the perfect nail polish is to identify your personality type. Here are five different types of personalities and their corresponding shades:

1) The Bold Personality: Hot Pink

2) The Carefree Personality: Lavender Rose

3) The Creative Personality: Midnight Blue

4) The Daring Personality: Gray-Blue/Gray-Green/Gray-Black

5) The Elegant Personality: Silver

The Best Nail Art Trends and How to Apply Them

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Nail art has been a trend for a while now. However, the trend is continuously changing and evolving. The most recent nail art trends are taking on more of an illustrative look with more vibrant colors and more complex designs.

The best nail art trends to wear and apply are ones that have a color scheme that is different from your skin tone and one that goes well with your outfit. For example, if you are wearing a neutral color like black or white, then you should wear bright colors like red or yellow to make them pop against the background.

When it comes to how to apply these nail art trends, you can use an acrylic paint brush or just do freehand with either water-based or gel polish (depending on the type of polish you use).

5 Trendy Manicure Ideas That Are Perfect for Fall

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Fall is a time of change and transition, so it’s only natural that people are looking for ways to embrace the new season. One way to do this is through nail art. There are many options for fall manicure ideas that can be done at home or in a salon.

1. The classic look – This is the most popular option because it goes back to basics and still looks chic. To achieve this look, paint your nails black and then apply one coat of white polish over top of the black polish. Then, use a fine-tipped brush to create a thin white line across the center of each nail.

2. The geometric look – For this design, paint your nails black and then use a thin brush with red nail polish to create triangles on each nail with two colors

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